“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.”

 The Dalai Lama

Childhood Manifesto

More than words, this Manifesto is the soul of what the Childhood Mothers’s Community believes the world should be like for children.
Sustainability is often applied for the preservation of our beautiful nature and the protection of the precious animals. Among those important topics, the protection of children, women and men should as well be taken in account as a matter of sustainabilty. As parents, relatives, teachers, friends, neighbors we have the power to make this wolrd a better and healthier place by nurturing and caring for all children. I invite you to download and spread the Childhood Mother’s Manifesto by sharing this poster among your friends and family.
Together we shake things up!

My Childhood

Being fun-loving can only benefit the bond we share with our children.
How fantastic it is to revive childhood memories especially when having a child’s mind can only gives us lightness in a society in which being an adult is synonymous with control and stiffness.
As parents, to reconnect with our childhood emotions allows us to have more compassion towards
our children and to approach education in a playful way. The“My childhood” printable is ready to download. Let’s go to the quest of our inner child!

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