DIY lantern for Christmas

It’s beautiful to see how seemingly ordinary everyday things can be transformed into poetic objects full of meaning. This is what I call the poetry of the ordinary. Thanks to my childhood in cameroon, I learned how to distract myself with the ordinary things. With no surprise, this is a value I want to forward to my children.
These little touches full of love always warm the hearts. This year we are going to surprise our friends with Lanterns made from jam glasses, Silk paper and stickers. This Tutorial is very fun and easy!

How to upcycle jam jars and turn them into meaningful objects?

This is definitively one of the funniest and easiest DIY project I have ever made with the children. It’s as easy as you can see on the pictures. Listen to your favorite christmas song and witness how the christmas spirit will light up your room.

Required Tools:

– Clean jam glasses
– Liquid glue
– Paintbrushes
– Silk paper
– Rubber Bands
– Scissors
– Stickers, Confetti, Glitter….and all kind of craft decorations you like
– LED Tea Lights Candles
– Small chocolates to fill in the Lantern as gifts

Things Needed?

– At least 1 child
– 1 motivated adult
– Letting go
– Warm tea
– Christmas music
– Cookies

Steps to create poetical Lanterns

Step 1 – wrapping the jam glass with Silk paper

Cut a large sheet of Silk paper to the height you wish to achieve.
Using a brush, cover the outside of a clean jam jar with liquid glue.
Wrap your jar with silk paper.
The best way to do this is to lay it on the flat silk paper and when pulling the ends of the paper up around the jar,
tighten the paper on the top of the jar with a rubber band.
You can also make a variation without the rubber band.

Step 2 – decorating the Lantern

Use your stickers, glitters and others crafting decorations to embellish your Lantern!

Step 3 – finalising the present

Your lantern is dry and decorated,
it’s time to place your LED Tea Light candle inside together with some chocolates for the greatest pleasure of your friends!

Enjoy this time crafting , I am always available for any questions,
feel free to contact me!
With Love, Marie


Mother by heart