Suzanne a spiritual mom on finding peace

Yoga is very calming and grounding. Being a Mom often means balancing many different
people’s needs and schedules, including our own! Taking time to stretch, breathe, relax and
tune into our own energy really helps us preserve our energy so we can be a calming presence
for our children.

Hello Suzanne, thank you very much for taking the time to answear my many questions… so , How was the little Suzanne?
As a girl, I loved art, music, cooking and baking. I was shy around strangers but the comedian
when I was with my friends and family! I was very spiritual from a young age and remember
some of my fondest memories were of gazing at the beautiful sky, clouds, mountains and
sunsets in our home town Bamenda, Cameroon.

What did she dream of?
I loved helping others and bringing light and joy wherever I went. Growing up in a 3rd world
country, I felt a deep calling to serve those who were less fortunate than I. I dreamt of building
sustainable villages for needy children, families and communities. As an adult, I’ve revived that
dream and it’s become an integral part of my vision and conscious life purpose.

Her favorite game, dessert?
She loved lemon flavored desserts and she still does! My mom made the best Lemon Meringue
Pie and it’s still my favorite dessert. I love chocolate Mousse and I can never go wrong with
Berries and Whipped Cream!
As a girl, I loved playing card games with my little sister. I love card and board games that aren’t
too complex and easy to have fun with!

I did read that you participated in a building of a school where your sons are
homeschooled ?

I once was a part of a Homeschool Co-Op and also homeschooled my sons for sometime.

What is the benefit of homeschooling according to the way you want to raise your

Homeschooling is a great way to tailor your children’s education to their interests and style of
learning, and to your family’s values, culture and lifestyle.
Do you think you care more about yourself now than before becoming a mother?
I think I’ve always cared for myself but becoming a mother has definitely compelled me to grow,
heal and take care of myself more deeply and consciously!

What did change?
Children are like mirrors for us! Everyday, my sons show me where I can be more patient,
compassionate, transparent and loving. They bring up old wounds from my own childhood so
that I can heal and prevent generational pain from being passed on to them. This means I am
constantly re-parenting myself as I’m parenting my children. This takes physical and emotional
energy so I must make sure I’m practicing adequate self-care, self-love, taking rest, asking for
help, and using the different holistic and natural tools I use to support my well-being. Being
healthy is now so important because my children’s well-being depends on my own.

How do you see yourself now compared to before?
I see myself as being so connected to my children’s life and well-being. Before motherhood, I
took care of myself because I needed to be well for me and for society, community. Now my
well-being still comes first for me, but the next most important people I must be well for are my
sons. I see myself as being a humble student of Motherhood because it is the most rigorous
work I’ve ever done in my life! It is very humbling because I never feel like I’ve “arrived” at being
a perfect Mom.

How did motherhood change you?
Motherhood has really opened me up to healing my inner child and the emotional wounds from
my childhood. It has helped me discover how flexible, resilient and strong I am because
everyday I continue to see areas I can heal and grow. Motherhood has given me a lot of
self-confidence because despite my own unique parenting challenges, I do my best to be my
best for my children. Each day brings new layers of discovering who my sons are, watching
them develop, attending to their needs as I balance my own, learning from my mistakes and
getting back up with faith and confidence in the journey each day. I also have a drive to give
them a healthy, vibrant, adventurous, beautiful life and it inspires and motivates me to work
towards my dreams in ways I didn’t have before becoming a Mom.

What did yoga and Pilates change for you, your body construction, energy?
Yoga and movement has been so healing to me. From a young age, I suffered from
Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Anxiety and Depression. Learning how to move my body,
breathe and relax have helped me find more balance and harmony, inside and out! It gives me
energy, flexibility, strength, lifts my mood and calms my mind.

What are the benefits of Yoga, and especially when you have to deal with a family and to
organize everything?

Yoga is very calming and grounding. Being a Mom often means balancing many different
people’s needs and schedules, including our own! Taking time to stretch, breathe, relax and
tune into our own energy really helps us preserve our energy so we can be a calming presence
for our children. When the mind is calm, it’s clearer and easier to prioritize and organize what we
need to do. We also set a great example for our children – they can learn from us that the best
thing we can do for others is to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits. That way, we can
show up for others with energy, clarity, peace and love!

How do you manage your days?
Honestly, I’m still learning how to do this! I feel like I haven’t yet found a perfect system for me.
My children teach me to be flexible and also challenge me to take ownership and leadership of
my calendar. I’m still learning how to balance being in the flow of unpredictable motherhood,
while also having a schedule. If you have some tips, send them my way!

What advice can you give to the woman, mother or not who read you today?
Keep listening to the quiet, still voice within your heart. Honor your longings and be curious
about your discontent. Your dream life filled with wellness and love will be a blessing not only to
you and your family, but to the whole world. We are all one family, so your wellness inspires the
wellness for all! The more you love yourself and embrace your unique journey, the better all
around you and the planet become.

Where can we find you?
You can connect with me on my Instagram page @suzannemikula . I offer virtual group and
private sessions in Yoga, Sound Healing Meditation, Intuitive Readings and Healings, Aromatic
Wellness and more. I am passionate about supporting others on their healing journey and also
doing humanitarian work! I lead Healing Service Retreats where you can reconnect with the
healing Earth and connect with Native communities through Volunteer work. Let’s be friends and
make the world a brighter place together!

Thank you Suzanne!
Thank you Marie! I’m so grateful to know you, have this chat with you, and connect with others!
Thank you for inspiring other Moms by sharing your journey and unique gifts with the world!


Intuitive medium and mother raising two children in America

Priestess/Intuitiv medium

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Stay inspired, Marie.