Childhood Dreams

The childhood mother’s community empowers parents who want to give the freedom to their children to blossom freely. By sharing our parenting and childhood stories with the community, we inspire each other through the thrilling journey of parenthood. Childhood is the happiest time in a person’s life.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paolo Coehlo-The Alchimist

Children’s innocence makes them fearless, adventurous and more willing to experiment and learn. The best we can do is to support our children in finding themselves. When in full possession of their emotional capacities and when recognized as individuals, children build a strong identity that makes them confident, kind, balanced and smart adults. When children and teenagers are frustrated by an environment of people who do not understand or/and belittled their dreams and talents, it makes terrible damages.

One funny child for whom making jokes is everything can hear from his relatives: “becoming a clown won’t make you pay your bills. Another talented one could hear: “why becoming a guitarist? In the family we have been lawyers since generations.”
Or: “stop those stupid drawings! You will not become the next Picasso, rather focus on getting a serious job.”

When children’s dreams are taken seriously, when their talents are recognized and nurtured, they enter another dimension where they can bloom with no limits.

How fantastic it would be, when our children once adults would be make a living out of their childhood’s dreams!

What did you dream about?

Discover your inner child