That’s Marie

In my early age my dream was to become a Fashion and Textile Designer. I am very fortunate to have been able to make my childhood dream come true. Every person I met, art teachers, friends, artists , all those” Childhood Mothers” did inspire me and gave me the courage to go for my dreams.

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paolo Coehlo-The Alchimist

I am Marie Colette Bauer, a mother of two children and the founder of Childhood Mothers. Because I was given the freedom to discover the world, the freedom and the support to go for my childhood dreams, I can only encourage all the parents to take their children’s dreams and wishes in account while raising them. Since my early age I love drawing, making collages and all kinds of creatives activities.
When I showed my drawings to my parents they always had encouraging words for me. It really made a difference and comfort me in my ability to draw. When I chose to study Applied arts, even if we did not have a lot of money, my mother made everything happen for me to visit all the exhibitions, and to take part of all the school cultural trips.
She did her best to cover all the expenses related to the drawings materials, the trains and bus tickets. Art studies are very expensives. Even if we have our issues, like in every families, I will be forever grateful for what she did for me.

I love books! I spent my days in the library Georges Pompidou so called Beaubourg in Paris, my summers drawing in the Museum of Louvre and The Tuileries Garden. Every first Sunday of the month all the museum entrances in Paris are free. It was fantastic for me. Everything for free.

When it comes to Fashion and decoration, My mother has an incredible taste. She always took me along to go shopping and bought me fashion magazines. Together we went to the renowed fabric quarter of Paris, The Marché St Pierre.
For a thirteen years old passionate about Fashion, to be surrounded by so many fabrics, patterns, colours and creative people was an amazing experience .
All those actions of my mother did nurture my love for Fashion Design and stimulate my creativity.
After gathering knowledge working as a Fashion and Textile Designer in the industry, I now work as a Freelance Designer and offer my talents to companies under MCB Artistic Consulting and Storytelling.

It was logical for me that as a mother, I would be nuturing my children dreams and help them to become the persons they wish to become in Love and Respect.

I encourage you to support and take part of NGOs and all kind of charity which empower women and children all other the world. You can change a person’s life.


Marie-Colette Bauer

Mother of two, Fashion & Textile Designer living in Passau Germany