How to dye white candles

The how to decorate white candles project idea came from my children’s wish to offer handmade presents to their friends and our family members for the last Christmas. When it comes to offering presents, I rather encourage them to create something more personal, on their own, instead of automatically purchasing something. How fantastic it is when they figure out they can make miracles and same time make people happy by using their little hands and creative minds. Besides them having fun, they understand the value of giving with a honest and pure heart. Not only that the friend who receives the present is full of joy but, through this action of offering something special, the signal sent is “you matter to me and i love you”.

How to dye white candles while having fun with the children?

It doesn’t need much to mesmerize children in those confinement days. When it comes to decorate candles , just let your creativity bloom and feel free to create your own patterns and color combinations. Take those intructions as a base to create your own candles. Do not forget to watch after the children, they should not do this activity on their own. You should have fun together!

Required Tools:

– Basic Table candles 21.5 cms in the type of size you want
– White paraffin wax to melt down
– Wax color in blocks, alternatively as granules
– An old pot
– Empty and clean glasses (I recycled empty jam and pesto jars)
– Wooden sticks

Things Needed?

– At least 1 kid
– 1 motivated adult
– letting go
– Towels
– A table napkin
– a box or recipient to gather the candles

Steps to create amazing candles

Step 1- Melting the paraffin

Pour the amount of parafin granules you need into each small glass according to the height you want to color your candle.
Put your small jars filled with granulated parafin in a pot in a bain marie. Let everything melt over medium heat on the stove until the paraffin becomes liquid. This can take 20 to 35 minutes.

Step 2 Coloring the melted paraffin

When the paraffin has melted, you can now incorporate the wax color in each glass. Stir with a wooden stick to mix well.
Before you start dip dyeing the candles. Do not forget to protect your table with a tablecloth.

Step 3 dyeing the candles

Here we go!
Immerse the candles gently in the baths of the desired colors. Everything is allowed. Use the sticks to create dots, draw on the candles with spoons. You can now let your creativity explose!


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