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Catwalk Stories provides a space for children to shop their favorite fashion outfits in an entertaining and friendly environment. I started this concept with the aim of building a new and innovative retail space that put children’s need first. I value children and do believe they should have fun with everything they do, especially when taking care of themselves.

Besides my own mother, a few women have inspired me to become the person I am today. I indeed have a lot of mentors.

During my childhood, I loved seeing women driven towards doing something new, unexpected. For me the Status Quo was never an option. When i was young, I was a fan of Steffi Graf the German women tennis player. No matter wether she won or lost a game Steffi Graf was always working on her improvements. She had such a great mindset.

While working for Apple, I once met Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry and SVP Retail at Apple. Not only she is an amazing business woman but she turns out to be a lovely mom as well. The combination of the woman I wanted to be! A business woman and a woman who takes care of her family at the same time.

I see myself like a global citizen with an international mindset who is dreaming of enriching many children lives with quality clothing and creativity. I have always been a strong minded woman, who knows how to listen to the others.  I am not afraid of making my dreams come true!

I value the same quality in my friends. Now they will probably say about me: “she doesn’t sleep” because I am busy building my retail brand and they know that Catwalk Stories means so much to me. My business is a children clothing store and that is a great thing. It helps me to find that balance between the time dedicated to my kids and the time for the company. There are moments when I work with the children in the shop. My two daughters are then the happiest people. My older one tries the clothes on, plays with the dolls. Having me around them is the best for the girls. However, for sure I should put away my phone more often…

My family is a great suppport in my daily life. However I quite often reach out to former colleagues and managers to get their point of view on business things. I can only advice to all the women who have dreams to build a solid concept, to go for it and to ask for support. You should not be scared, there is a lot of structures and people out there ready to help you out.

This is what make me start Catwalk Stories. I wanted to show with my company that an integrated environment can be successful. A retail environment designed for the future – for the well being of our children. I just love my company it gives me so much joy to be in touch with all the children who visit the Store. Working on Catwalk Stories is my fun time.

Now, with my business to run and my family to take care of, I would say that my me time starts at 10pm when everyone is in bed. My daily routine is: 30-60min sports & spending time on Catwalk Stories Marketing activities. My older daughter is gone every mornings to the Kindergarden. I make my way to the store around midday. I take my mornings to provide smooth mornings to my younger daughter. My two employees start working from the opening times till the store closes.

When I became a mother there is this one book that changed my life and I can recommend it to all the moms “Baby’s erstes Jahr / Baby’s first year” in English by Vivien Weigert .


Mother of two adorable girls, owner of Catwalk Stories, Salzburg, Austria

Have a look in Nadine’s children fashion world and get inspired with the Catwalk Stories! Feel free to share your story with the community and write a comment.

Stay inspired, Marie.

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