Isabelle’s dream turned to reality

When I was a child, I was extremely shy. I looked like a tiny character who observed her childhood life without being able to say a word. The moment I was thrown on a stage, I figured out that with classical music I could express myself out of a sudden. Through dance and movement, I developed a new vocabulary. I truly believe that somehow I was born to be a dancer and I managed to fulfill my childhood dream.

I come from a family of 4 children with a single raising mother. I am very grateful for my mother to have taken my passion seriously. We did not have a lot of money, but she did whatever she could for me to dance. She got informed about the governmental support programs, signed me up for dance courses and invested in ballet outfits. Even now, “100 years” later (laugh), I cannot live without my music and my movement!

I chose to become a ballet and theater teacher because I felt the need to share with children, what I have learned from fabulous and warm human beings. Through play and dance, I provide a stage where they express their creativity with no boundaries. To give them freedom by providing a space where they find himself. It has such a magical impact in their lives when children discover their body, gestures and express feelings through dance. In my opinion, besides helping us to sculpt our body and staying fit, classical dance is a study of the deepening of the soul. That creates something extraordinary within us.

A child that is not yet 3 years old is able to feel the emotion that an adult cannot longer feel. The access to art at an early stage of their life is necessary for children to connect with their emotions and develop their sensibility. One can start dancing at the age of two and a half, and it is never too late to begin. We parents have a role to play by giving a little to our children, so they discover their secret garden. A human being who has no secret garden, seems a little violent to me, because life without a secret garden can be so empty.

I am a mother of two self-taught children. One is a photographer, François Weinart the other one Jean-Philippe de Logelin is a brilliant painter. Ever since they were young, I gave them the space to explore their talents. Now the three of us are making a living out of our childhood dreams and that is wonderful. I did not have to integrate myself into their history. Without pressure I let them live their dreams. They could take the air they need to breathe. I assume that each of us breathes another oxygen. Artists breath the same oxygen. We understand each others, and share this same need for freedom and space.

In my opinion, to have dreams is to be alive!

Isabelle Logelin

French Ballet dancer and Teacher living in Passau Germany

Could you make a living out of your childhood dreams?
Share your story with the community.
Keep dreaming, Marie.

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