Terezia and her love for nature

My childhood in Slovakia was very beautiful. My parents were mountaineers and loved mountains. That is why we spent a lot of time in mountains, forests, and in general in nature. Whenever the weekend came and the weather was right, we never stayed at home.

In the area where I grew up there are two national parks, the Slovak Paradise National Park and the Tatra National Park, which offer various possibilities such as hiking, climbing or skiing in winter. So, we had so many options during our vacations and weekends. Every summer until I was 16, we spent two weeks as a family in a tent. With my siblings, we played all the time sin the woods, by the water, we were never bored and always came up with new ideas.

There are always hard times in life and in my opinion, nature is the best place to organize thoughts. In my everyday life it gives me energy and euphoria. I enjoy getting to know new places, looking at beautiful views, enjoying the silence while organizing my thoughts. All that with a good feeling of movement and sweat. Nature offers so many opportunities for the children, it is the best playground and at the same time they learn so much about trees, flowers and the animal world and it goes very naturally. You never get bored because they always something new to discover.

Children need motivation.

When hiking with children, the passion and patience of the parents are crucials for the success of the hike. It is good to have a goal and to explain it to them. Either is to climb on a tower, reach the top of a mountain summit, or a picnic with a beautiful view by the lake, the goal of the hikes must be clear.

When planning walkings and campings in the forest or the mountain, I do everything to avoid the danger. I always look at the weather forecast to see if there are no thunderstorms or weather changes. In any case, I always take a well-charged mobile phone with a navigation system with me so that I can always find the right way home.

Children do not need much preparation. They must be properly dressed and have a full stomach. You should always take enough food and extra clothes for the hike no matter the seasons. When a child grows up with the habits of hiking, they get easily use to it and are always looking forward to renewing the experience.

The resistance of a child evolves at each hike, but every kid is different. You can always motivate children to run, but you should never force them. It is very fun and practical when several children hike together, as I did with my siblings. My children do not need to be motivated because they have so much fun together. They play together the whole way through and do not think about how long they are running. For example, our five-year-old son can hike 10 km.

You can make your children familiar with hikes and outdoor activities from their birth. In the beginning they are of course only carried in babies practical backpack carriers, but as they grow, and can walk properly, they want to create new hiking challenges. For my husband and I it is important to raise our children to respect nature and our earth. We ride bicycles instead of driving with the car as much as we can. We teach our children about sustainability and the importance of recycling. Our two boys already understand that. When we are in the forest, they collect the rubbish that does not belong in the forest and look for an appropriate rubbish bin.

My husband and I forward the love for Nature to our children. When connected with activities like running, walking, hiking and so on, being in touch with the nature can only bring peace, calmness and joy to a person.


adventurer mother of two boys living in Passau Germany

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Enjoy the Nature, Marie.

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