Mothers to Mothers

A “Childhood Mother” is not necessarily someone from your direct family, most of the time it is, but sometimes it is just a friend, a teacher, a book, a scholarship, or a movie that inspires you to reach for your dreams.

I often describe it as a person, male or female, who made a positive impact in your life by guiding and supporting you. Or helped you out, when in your younger times, you hit the rock bottom. It can as well be a public figure you admire, your strong faith, or just that good person who wants the best for you. My aim when starting this project, was initially to talk about the importance of loving our children by supporting them through their childhood. As everything evolved, I began collecting some memories of my own childhood. I believe starting this journey helped me to reconnect with my inner child. That younger Marie who was always laughing, active, chatty, dancing, when living in Africa in Cameroon.When arrived in Paris France at the age of 8 , I was a very sad little girl battling with anxiety. Nothing was like in Cameroon. No sun (we landed in Paris Airport in winter) and no big family anymore. I was terribly missing the warmth and the affection of my family members.

My childhood dream was to become a fashion designer, I managed to make it happen with the help of my mother and others Childhood Mothers in Europe. Among them my French and art teachers , Paolo Coelho ‘s book “The Alchemist” and my faith.
By connectiong with my inner child, I was able to have a better understanding of what children, especially mine experience during their childhood. I am able to identify their needs and therefore be an understanding and caring guide for them.

In the category “Marie’s notes” I write about my story and especially about my childhood memories in Cameroon . Through the different chapters I will explain how by believing in me, my “Childhood Mothers” helped me to reach for my dreams.

You may now have a better understanding of what a “Childhood Mother” is and even, I guess, a long list of names that contributed to your own development. I invite you to download the free resource “My childhood” to go on a quest for your inner child. That voice will enable you to have a better understanding of who you are, what your children are going through.
They need your support now more than ever.

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